Preparation for an interview

What not to say / do not do the interview

1. Negative to the previous employer
2. Take a phone call during an interview - the phone must remain off during the interview
3. Take proper clothing
4. Do not use vulgarism
5. During the interview, you are not allowed to wear - jacket, headgear or gloves
6. Do not say you have to think about whether you want to do the job at all - for an interview, because you are interested in the position.
7. If you have experience in a job that did not last long, do not say it - you worked here. Do not ever say that you were there for a month or a week. In this case, you may not need to mention or mention this position at all.
8. To say that you do not know what the employer produces - it is not really possible to say about looking for you going to a job interview
9. Do not tell your negative qualities
10. Language skills - if you know that you absolutely do not speak the language, first say it to the employment agency, evaluate the situation and your language skills personally and then tell us what to say to the employer.
11. Why do you think you want to join us? candidate's response - stability and career shift, financial evaluation